Objects At Rest

by Silt

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released March 5, 2016

All songs written by Silt

Recorded at Black Pearl Studios By Theron Rennison
Mixed by Theron Rennison at Rennisound
Produced by Theron Rennison and Silt
Mastered by John Ruberto at Mastersound



all rights reserved


Silt Melbourne, Australia

Like the peaceful aftermath of a nuclear explosion, in the dust clouds "SILT" has formed.
After the death/demise of Five Star Prison Cell and Die Smiling, where Five Star was the sonic intensity of the explosion itself: SILT is the dreamy, peaceful nothingness that comes when chaos finally comes to rest. ... more

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Track Name: Unscent
Squeeze affluence, cotton woven archaic grandeur.
Spoke a thousand days, spoken threshold - speak when spoken to.
Taken through, cunning.

If we're taken through
If we're taken through
Taken through undercover.

We'll hunt it, where?

Hey, get your famine on

Scrawl undone, fragrance unscent
Scrawl undone, colored in grey.
Intentions belted by one in place.
Colored, colored in grey.
Instinct unsent.
All undone.

By all accounts we raised the bar all I can say is over born and sways alive
Align awake, ingenious - two things, they pull and throw and blast away.
By all accounts we raised the bar and wandered on, creating more to fill the fire.
Beyond mistakes, beyond this grace, before we place the kin along this space.
Track Name: Transit
Not many will miss
Very little will endorse
Not much achieved here, wasted.
Envy consumes

Our taste is bitter and this arc is sharp
Be it your morning coffee

These walls, they find a centered cunt.
bold, great, told, unsold, wax-ed.
Cornered, snapping

Our taste is bitter and this arc is sharp
Be it your A.M. shit

Rolled in the butter
Nothing impromptu
Notched in the leather brown

Low on the brothers
Nothing impromptu

Be it your daily transit
Be it your every,
Be it your daily transit
Be it your everything,
Seems I translate to; nothing

It would appear I…

Must apply

Must apply myself to all neglected corners of instance
Point of influence

Rolled in the butter
Nothing impromptu
Notched in the leather brown

Low on the brothers
Nothing impromptu
Track Name: Fader

Calm the fly mechanic, hold on my hands.
Clenched second, enter temper
Hold on my damn hands
Ran inside, swam.

Calm the lies, go be man hold on.

Open wide

Gifted unto, unto life but drive in:
Heavy handed

Open lies
Inside, inside, inside

Open skies, temper plain.

I wander, absent as mist
Alternate, expected drift
So swallow and grant me this;
No demons, i'll go in peace

The Fader, absent as mist.
Track Name: Urea
I am passed out and blind
This is my legacy and this is void

So welcome to the void, we welcome you here - best acknowledge you.

I am passed on
This is my legacy and this is void

This is what i preach, this is what i breath
This is my beach this is my sleeve, our protections, my cleeve my ounce, my please.

Save 500 now's for this and pave 250 thou's for one kiss

I am this and no other.
I am piss with no brothers
This is it…
I am gifted with no cover
identified, though not idolised
This is it…
Track Name: Yield To Theif
Cast over obstacle, graft, catch a thief identified by one's eye.
Seen yesterday, seen today.

Bottle candy, sweet these teeth
Arching over, be the thief (carry on, carry on, see)
Trigger daily.
Flooding lover.

Be our lime in time
Sour (bottle candy)

Bottle candy, sweet these teeth.
Arching over, yield to thief.

Hold my sin (air), hold my ona, hold

Inline I trust, expect it may
Come down to this in time, not benign grabbing thighs.
CnH2n+1OH aboard and it's holding on tight.
Inline I trust.....

Control assets, toy intent
Beacon sampling, engorged approach
Inline, benign?
Absorb colour - golden
Upon this contour applied.
Track Name: Ocular
Absent, indescript. So busy, ever busy.
Sprinkling flames and nothing proven.

Flame, gleaming over all

Running circles through towers by our nape.
Choose, align and execute

Stay awake
Play awake

Timber ballustrades until beacons they gather
Timber architraves breathe lighter be unincumbered.
Smelter animal, warm, writhing and anabolic
Shelter habitual stealing blinkers, indicators

Indicators shown


Bare ocular
Colors strong, you've missed so much now
Bare ocular
Now or never
Bare ocular
Do you want to be your father?
Bare ocular
Enter it

Bare ocular
Peeking from afar is destined...
Bare ocular
Bare ocular
Grasp the hand that calls
Bare ocular
Wake up